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Go Green for St. Patty's Day!

Go Green for St. Patty's Day!

 Go green for St. Patrick’s Day!

Do a Green Thing for the World Today!

Therafit I'm Not a Plastic Bag

(the stars are all doing it - Anya Hindmarch's "I'm not a plastic bag")

Did you know?
1. Plastic bags take anywhere from 15 to 1000 years to decompose.
2. Only 1 percent of plastic bags are recycled in the United States. The rest end up in landfills, the ocean, or some other place in the environment. There's actually a giant garbage heap made mostly of plastic floating in the ocean that's twice the size of the United States.
3. It's estimated that 1 million birds and thousands of turtles and other sea animals die each year after ingesting discarded plastic bags.
4. More than 10 percent of washed-up debris polluting the U.S. coastline is made up of plastic bags.
5. It takes 12 million barrels of oil to produce the estimated 100 billion plastic bags Americans use each year.
6. The petroleum used to produce 14 plastic bags can drive a car one mile.

Today, try not to use a plastic bag when you do your groceries!

Do a Green Thing for Your Body Today!

Therafit Green Juice

Green Goddess Juice recipe! 
Green Goddess Juice
Yield: 1 large glass of juice
Time (including prep and clean-up): about 10 minutes


1 lemon
2 apples
1-inch ginger root
6 celery stalks
1 cucumber
2 large handfuls spinach


Place all ingredients through a juicer. Immediately pour into a glass and enjoy!


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