"Therafit makes me feel like I’m walking around on a cloud. It’s hard to describe, but the pain I feel in other shoes … just goes away when I put on Therafit shoes." Fitz Koehler Gainseville, FL

"It felt like my birthday when I opened up my package from Therafit Shoes!" Kristin Cincinatti, OH

"I put 15 miles on those suckers. Yeah, a true test. I am being 100% honest here. My back and feet did not hurt. My body was exhausted. But even the next day I was ok, and that’s pretty much a testament of a great shoe." Tara Central Florida

"Feels like I'm walking on a permanent cushion!" Noelle Brooklyn, NY

"Therafit makes shoes that are super comfy right away, which is a must for a fitness shoe." Kimberly Santa Barbara, CA

"The Carly Sandals were the MOST COMFORTABLE sandals I have ever owned, and trust me I have owned hundreds of pairs through the years." Patti South Jersey, NJ

"The first thing I did when I got home was put on my Therafits and it was like a little slice of heaven." Deb Enfield, CT

"I find that I am able to go farther in my day when I wear them, I walk the dog a little longer or walk to work instead. I can't believe what a difference being comfortable makes in my whole day." Jennifer New Orleans, LA

"Love my new Deborah's...Can't wait to wear them for my Zumba class tonight" Christine Cheektowaga, NY

"These shoes are also very light-weight & soft. You don't sweat in your own shoes either!" Tara New Jersey

"I have patella tendinitis. Somehow, by removing the center adapter on both shoes, I can run pain free again!" Natalya Miami, FL

"I do admit that I love my Therafits. But what I really love about the company is their charitable giving program. They really try to make a difference in this world." Arielle Boston, MA

"Love my shoes I work 12hour shifts and am on my feet at least 11 1/2 hours of the time my feet have never felt better. I've been a nurse for over 30 years and this is the first time I can say that. Thank you" Guadalupe LA, California

"This lightweight trainer will give lasting support throughout the 12 hour day." Colleen Youngstown, OH

"LOVE the new sandals!!! I want one of each style!#FABULOUS #BlingME #Tiffany #Sandy #Carly" Run Kat Seattle,WA

"The Therafit sandal is perfzies with a maxi dress, beach gear, shorts, or whatever else as you mosey around town." Bryce NY, NY

"I liked the Tiffany Sandal SO much, that I'm making them the advice sisters"Weekly Obsession" in June." Alison NY,NY

"Sure wish I had the new @TherafitShoe sandals to be comfy AND look cute while walking around the @NashvilleZoo today!" Sami Nashville, TN

"I have one word - PLUSH! I wear them on rounds in my hospital and to walk the dog or run errands. They are a great all-round option for me." Tina Orlando, FL

"I love the adjustable resistance control feature - once I removed the adapters, it was even more comfortable and bouncy in the step." Marcia Miami, FL

"I received a lot of comments on the style and color (hot pink) - people would stop me and say those are so cute!" Melinda Los Angeles, CA

"They are squishy, and that's a good thing for your feet." Katie Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Basically it's the magic formula... hot looking shoes + total comfort + charitable contribution = never wearing other sneakers ever again unless they have rocket boosters." Bryce Manhattan, NY

"I love my new Deborah's...Can't wait to wear them for my ZUMBA class tonight!!! Love the pink color too!! Christine Cheektowaga, NY

"This lightweight trainer will give lasting support throughout your 12-hour days" Colleen Youngstown, OH

"Excited to share this shoe fetish." Amber NY, NY

"Eatwhatever Owner Jacqui Rosshandler is all set and ready for the NYC Marathon, thanks to her Therafit Shoes that kept her going through training" Jacqui NY, NY

"LOVING our new @Therafitshoe! Wore them when filming our #jogging #stroller segment today." Rachel LA, CA

"Love them!! They are so comfy...I took off my heels and wore them all day!" Jennifer LA, CA

"We abolsutely LOVE our Therafit shoes! You've won two non-sneaker fans over." Los Tweens Miami, FL

"I was instantly drawn to the vibrant colors of the Sandy style and it should be no surprise to you that I picked pink. Just look how fabulous they are!" Diana Kansas, KS

"What's best about Therafit is its uniqueness for you to adjust the comofrt you want by adjusting the adapters in the heel area with easy twisting method. For me, I always preferredd to just use two comfort adapters because for me it's more soft and comfortable when walking." A Shophalic Diary Detroit, MI

"I have been wearing my brown Carly sandals all week. I love that they are cute and stylish and look great with shorts, jeans, or a cute summer dress! But even more I love that they are GOOD for my feet. I know that I can walk all over town and not be in pain after an hour. That is amazing." Melissa Wisconsin

"The entire construction of the sandal feels like it was designed to fit your feet like a glove. (Isn’t that what all shoes should feel like?)" Sarah Jean-Ballard Mason, NH

"You can still personalize your comfort preference and adjust it as it changes! Style and function join forces in these sandals by Therafit. You can be active during the day in extreme comfort, or be comfy and classy at night. These are definitely my new favorite sandals." Making of a Mom Kansas CIty, MO

"I have low arches so I am still adjusting to the high arch support that the Carly Sandal provides. At first it was uncomfortable and felt like a big bump under my foot but as I wear them more, my feet are adjusting. It will actually benefit me to build my arch back up. Low arches can eventually cause pain anywhere from your foot to your back. Now I have the perfect pair of sandals that are versatile for dressy or casual occasions and I know that my feet will be comfortable all day!" Danielle Midwest

"The first time I put these sandals on I could immediately tell a huge difference. Where with other sandals it quickly becomes apparent that there is little to no cushioning or support, the Therafit sandals feel as though they are conforming to the shape of the bottom of my feet...I feel as though my heel is resting on a soft, supportive pillow as opposed to a hard slab." Alaina Birmingham, AL

"Guess who's wearing them to work to enjoy the 12-hour wear? this girl, hello!" Kat Tampa, FL

"They must be the lightest sneaker/athletic shoe I’ve ever worn. I recently wore them for hours shopping for bathroom tile and I was in love. Honestly. I barely know I’m wearing sneakers. They’re also less bulky and narrower than other sneakers- this makes your outfit already look better! Especially if you’d like to wear sneakers, but don’t want to go out in your sweat pants." Cristy Miami, FL

"To find Therafit's Deborah workout shoes has been a dream! I've been working out pretty much every day doing circuit training, hiking and jogging and it feels like I'm walking on air during every exercise session." OK Magazine

"One of the things that I love about Therafit is that they are not just about the shoe, they are about designing the shoe for women. How many times have you gone to try on an athletic shoe at the store and find that they all seem to be about the same? Therafit is definitely different than any other athletic shoe than I have ever tried before." Naomi East Coast

"The truth is they improved my posture, my wardrobe and my overall enthusiasm for working out." Madamedeals.com Palmyra, VA

"One feature that I know will be so helpful during the long event hours is that the outsole can be adjusted to increase or decrease impact resistance. When my feet get tired (and I know they will during such a long walk) I’ll be able to change the resistance of the shoe’s sole by removing and/or replacing an adapter like the ones shown below. Super cool." Cristi Seattle, WA

"I am thrilled with the way these shoes fit around my ankles. They wrap snugly but with a cushioned layer of mesh, so that no leather is rubbing against my skin." Judy Midwest

"These sandals are super comfortable and really don't have a break in period which is awesome. When I received Therafit, I literally wore them for two days straight almost and my feet felt amazing afterwards. Now I automatically reach for these as I am heading out the door. They offer amazing arch support and with the versatility of having the option for emote the adapters really does make this shoe a must have!" Samantha North Carolina

"I HIGHLY recommend these shoes for every woman! If you are a young single woman who is active, or a mom of five kids that has to run from soccer to dance to tutoring, or perhaps you are a woman mature in years who finds even the simplest of tasks comes with aches and pains" Confessions of a Messy Mama

"They are super comfy to wear, and I don’t have any complaints except - I need one of each color..." ChicNSavvy

"They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever owned and the best shoes for my everyday routine…If you have sweaty feet, great news for you because it has aegis microbe shield treatment, which prevents bacteria and mold." Mile High Mom Highlands Ranch, CO

"At only $95 a pair, that sure beats going to the chiropractor or the physical therapist every week for treatment. And I think this pair looks better worn at the gym rather than at the therapist’s clinic!" Jade Decatur, AL

"If I had to sum up how I felt about my Therafit sneakers in one word (alright three words), I would say 'Heaven on Earth!'" Nancy

"This shoes are cute, chic, stylish but even better provide excellent support and even comes with adjustable resistance, so you can choose the comfort level depending on the day and where you are going" Misti NY, NY

"The Therafit sneakers stood up to the grueling workout just as they did to the tons of walking I did last weekend and we looked super stylish to boot! No easy feat while you’re sweating!" Jill NY, NY

"I love that my feet didn't hurt at all, when wearing these and to be honest it almost felt as if I was walking on memory foam!! I know I wasn't, it was just that cushioned. No hard steps no shooting pain from my foot to hip. Just a nice walk with my boys around the mall!" Stefanie Grain Valley, MO

"Therafit Sandy Pink Sandals are everything you are looking for in a sandal. This is like the Mercedes Benz of sandals." April Jackson, MS

"I didn’t have any break-in period at all. I put them on and went about my day. Ten hours later…I still had them on with no blisters, no pain, no aches and my feet still felt energized! Those massaging bubbles (dots) on the insole are absolutely fabulous!" Shelly Harrisburg, PA

"I fell in love with Therafit’s Tiffany White Sandal. I knew I had to have it for my wedding reception so that I could dance comfortably. The best part is still wearing them every day." Shannon

"I especially love the fact that, after testing these out for the past couple of weeks, my feet always seem to return home without being achy or sore, unlike when I go out in my plain, flat sandals! They give me the ability to walk distances without worry and they keep me cool in this ridiculous humidity! My ankles really couldn't fit into a standard pair of boots or shoes right now, either and so these sandals have really been a life-saver for me this summer!" Lisa Reading, PA

"I do not like to wear flip flops often because my feet become very sore after just a little bit of walking. My family is out and about a lot, especially during the summer, and I never know where the day will take us! I love that these sandals can take me from the beach to hiking (and even out for a nice dinner), without missing a beat!" Steph and Jo Valley City, ND

"I have these and LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! SO comfortable, fashionable, and they make my legs feel wonderful and no sore back!! Wore them for 3 days of Beachbody COnferences with a lot of walking and exercising and my body was thankful!!" Kathleen Granite Falls, WA

"Exercising in my Deb's, they have been such a blessing to my lower back. I can walk pain free now. I know I'll be able to pull this weight off with them. A great pair of shoes really makes all the difference !" She Natural Gray, GA