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Get Ready for the Holidays in Your Therafit Shoes

Get Ready for the Holidays in Your Therafit Shoes

Your in-laws are coming for a holiday visit. You’re sure you’re forgetting some presents from your list. And when will you have time to make all of that food?!!


But at least you have your Therafit shoes to keep you comfortable and supported during this hectic holiday season. We want to celebrate the time your Adrienne boots helped you pull together the perfect shopping outfit. The day you spent on your Sienna shoes as you rushed from store to store to find the PERFECT turkey. How easy it is to slip your feet into your Austin clogs every time you have to run to the mailbox to grab your deliveries.


So it’s time for the #12daysoftheperfectshoe. Starting today (December 5) our Instagram account will be all about you and your Therafit shoes.


(And, yes, there are prizes involved!)


The Rules are Simple

  1. Post a picture of you wearing your Therafit shoes.
  2. Add the #12daysoftheperfectshoe hashtag to your post.
  3. We’ll pick one winner a day for a prize from our Therafit Santa Stocking AND a chance to be featured on our social media accounts.


We’ll Help You Shop

And if you’re wondering what your next pair of Therafit shoes will be, we’re helping with that, too. Each day we’ll feature a new pair of casual shoes or boots (otherwise known as eye candy). Look for:


Don’t Forget to Post!

We’re so excited to see what you all post! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to remind yourself to post your photos.

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