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Who Knew a Pair of Shoes Could Change the World?

Who Knew a Pair of Shoes Could Change the World?


For the whole month of September, Therafit Shoe has teamed up with Elisabeth Rohm, author, activist, and actress (best known for her role in 'Law & Order"), as well as the Red Cross for our biggest charity partnership to date - $20 off for you to keep when you buy a Red Deborah, and an additional $20 goes back to the Red Cross. By purchasing a pair of Red Debs, you’re not only buying the “most comfortable walking shoe”  but actually helping the Red Cross help millions of people across the world (see where your money goes)!

We've made headlines across the nation with this - check out the original article from the LA Times and see the rest (from the New York Times to the Chicago Tribune) in our In The News section. 

Why are we making these headlines? Beacuse Therafit is committed to our community. And who has taken care of our communities? The Red Cross. 

Every 9 minutes the Red Cross helps someone in a home fire.

Someone like Margie Newton, who in June of 2002 received a call from her landlord letting her know that her apartment had been struck by lightening and it was now up in flames. In the moments it took her to get home, the Red Cross had already arrived, helping her save the one most important thing – her baby girl.

Every 2 seconds someone in the US needs blood.

A series of photographs with Megan DeKing’s voice explaining each one. “This was when Lilianne was born, it was May 24, 2005. This was her first Halloween, she was a butterfly. Her first day riding a two-wheeler. Her first day of summercamp. Without the blood donors, I wouldn’t be here, we wouldn’t be three footprints in the sand, we wouldn’t be a family of three, and we wouldn’t be together like we are now.” Due to complications during labor, Megan needed 29 units of blood to survive. Bill’s “love of his life” survived because of donors like you.

Red Cross Training saves lives.

Only one week after Reid Heiser, a 17 year old working at his local recreation center, he put his new skills into use. He performed CPR and ultimately saved Jim Hammer’s life. Now friends, Jim quips, “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for this guy.”


Red Cross Stories are not only personal and impactful, but really show the varied lives that the organization has touched throughout the nation and the world. 


Elisabeth Rohm, best known for her role as Dorothy Hayes in NBC's Law and Order, has worked with the Red Cross, including in the trenches. Her passion for style and activism makes for the perfect Red Cross/Therafit Shoe partnership - check out the video above where she speaks about her passions and how Therafit is the perfect fit. 

Make Your Whole Body Happy (and someone else's) - make sure to join Therafit Shoe and the Red Cross for makign the world a better place - one step at a time. 

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