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This is What Happens When Your Pair Our Vegan Shoes to Vegan Recipes

This is What Happens When Your Pair Our Vegan Shoes to Vegan Recipes

Committing to a vegan lifestyle often means going beyond just a plant-based diet, staying consciously away from all animal products -- including leather. But being vegan doesn’t have to be boring, especially vegan shoes --  which is why we’ve got a whole selection of ‘em made without any animal materials. Not only do we want to support those of you who practice the lifestyle (hey, I was vegan for ten years!), but for those of you who want to take steps towards living more sustainably, or because you want shoes that can get a bit wet, or maybe just because you think these shoes are damn cute. There’s so much to explore in the world of animal product-free living for a variety of different reasons. 

Because these days we’re either all stuck at home, or never home (thank you front line workers!), we wanted to make it a little easier to spice up the plant-based routine, and what better way to do so than getting inspired by our own vegan shoe collection. This way, while you’re preparing your plant-based meal, you can be wearing shoes that give you podiatrist-approved arch support to enjoy your meal pain-free. 

Maybe you’re spending quarantine doing all the virtual fitness classes. Maybe you’re out on your feet all night saving lives. The Carly Athletic Sneaker is the perfect shoe for your cardio moves or your work shifts, and either way, you’ll need your protein and you’ll want it fast. 

Here’s a no-bake, vegan and gluten-free recipe for delicious protein bars combining oats, almond butter, hemp seeds and chocolate. 

Carly comes in a variety of colors. 

We miss morning coffees out of our kitchens and weekend lunches with friends. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be inspired by the Sienna Floral and host a brunch-at-home over video call. This sun-dried tomato, mushroom, and spinach tofu quiche is the perfect colorful dish to bring us back to the simpler days pre-pandemic. 

Sienna comes in a variety of colors.

Now that most of us are home all day, we’re probably finding ourselves doing a lot more things around the house. The Austin Lite Slip On is the perfect shoe for finally making our picture frames even or making the beds every day. And if you’re the one doing the weekly supermarket runs with a face mask and gloves, keep your footwear supportive, stylish, and totally slip-on with these beauties. We’re pairing the Austin Lite with a recipe for creamy garlic pasta with roasted tomatoes because it’s simple, tasty, and can be made in less than half an hour. 

Austin Lite comes in a variety of colors.

For some of us, our window views are finally beginning to blossom. For others, we can feel the summer heat sneaking up around the corner. The Maui Sandal is the perfect go-to shoe for those porch sits or balcony drinks. If you’re in a warm-weather spot and have a backyard, you’ll always want to take these along. This simple raw vegan fruit tart is full of color and life, just like spring out our windows. 

Maui comes in a variety of colors.

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