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Mother’s Day 2020

Mother’s Day 2020

There’s a global crisis. 
A pandemic is sweeping the world. 
An unprecedented worldwide lockdown is in place. 
Borders are closed, schools are closed, businesses are closed. 
Unless you are deemed an “essential worker”, everyone is home. 

And yet --  

Spring is on its way, flowers are blooming, and most of us now have time to notice. 

Birds chirp louder, bees might make a comeback, and bears have been spotted splashing in rivers they hadn’t frequented for decades. 

Neighbors are coming together for balcony concerts, companies that manufactured clothes are now making masks, and we are learning how little we truly need to be okay. 

And as business-as-usual stops, Mother’s Day arrives, celebrating mothers. 

Mothers who are really worried. Mothers who are less so. Mothers who are working from home. Mothers who are homeschooling their children over this thing called Zoom. Mothers who are working from home AND homeschooling their children. Mothers who are sick. Mothers who are taking care of someone else’s children because their mother is sick or working. Mothers who lost their jobs. Mothers who can now only see their grandkids through a screen on a phone. Mothers who can now only talk to their mothers over the phone. Mothers who are stuck away from their children, away from their home, away from certainty. Mothers who are nurses and doctors saving lives. Mothers who work on farms to pick our food. Mothers who work in supermarkets and on production lines.

Women are on the frontlines of the Coronavirus outbreak. One in three jobs held by women has now been deemed essential. Women make up 9 out of 10 nurses, respiratory therapists, and the majority of pharmacists and technicians, and 78% of social workers. More than ⅔ of workers at grocery store checkouts and fast food counters are women. 

No one signed up for a pandemic. No one signed up to put their families at risk. But women are here, the mothers are here, taking care of us as always -- both on the frontlines and at home.

This Mother’s Day, we want to celebrate all the mothers. The mothers with children, and the mothers without --  the mothers of an I.C.U. ward, the mothers of a grocery aisle, the women nurturing and protecting us all during this unprecedented moment. The women on their feet for double shifts, the women chasing their toddlers around the house, the women who need a break from it all and go for long walks around the neighborhood. 

We know it all starts from the ground up. Just like women and mothers support this country and this crisis, the body needs support for its feet in order to walk tall. 

This Mother’s Day, we invite you to give the mothers in your life some support, starting with their feet. 

If they’re staying home, we’ve got the most supportive slip ons. If they’re working at the hospital, we’ve got slip resistant breathable shoes. If they’re taking lots of walks or doing at-home workouts, we’ve got adjustable athletics. Ask them for their shoe size and give them a gift they’ll be using every day to keep doing what they always do -- taking care of their kids and this country. 

Nominate them for our #MomHero campaign by clicking this link, and let us know why she inspires you for a chance to win our giveaway. 

Thank you to all the women, to all the mothers, and to you for helping us celebrate them. 

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