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Recipe: Red, White, and Blue goes Healthy for July 4th

Recipe: Red, White, and Blue goes Healthy for July 4th

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July 4 is coming up and that means food, food, and more food (usually the greasy, fatty, sauce-covered kind...)! And what about those red, white, and blue recipes? Kids love 'em and they're always a treat for the picnic table - but they usually entail enormous amounts of food coloring, preseravitves, and artificial ingredients. No bueno... so we at Therafit decided to scour the internet to find a red, white, and blue treat that would satisfy not only our bellys, but would be eye candy too :) 


This recipe from Super Healthy Kids is easy, simple, healthy, delicious, and perfect for a summer July 4th BBQ. Strawberries and blueberries, filled with antioxidants and super important vitamins, give these pops their electric color, while the vanilla yogurt, packed with probiotics and live cultures that keep your gut healthy, make up the white stripes of this popsicle flag.  


Layer 1: Chop strawberries finely. Put 1/2 TBL chopped strawberries in bottom of popsicle mold. Add enough water to barely cover the berries (Just a few drops at a time). Freeze for a min. of one hour
Layer 2: Spoon out 1/2 TBL plain or vanilla yogurt on top of strawberry layer. Return to freezer for minimum of one hour.
Layer 3 and 4: Repeat steps one and two. Don't forget the sticks!
Layer 5: Fill top of popsicle mold with blueberries. Fill the rest of the mold with water to cover the blueberries. Return to freezer until popsicles are completely frozen.


Make Your Whole Body Happpy: Keep your snacking light this holiday weekend! Take your Therafits out on a walk after your picnic and before the fireworks :)

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