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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect
Therafit Arielle

The petite brunette with killer abs who just won the women’s first place is just slightly sparkling with sweat as she stands with her family when I come into our pop-up shop at the UPS 5K benefiting United Way on Saturday morning. I was completely soaked in rain, as I had finished in twice the amount of time the winner had, and the sky had managed to turn into a giant hose spraying all of us slow-pokes down.

Karla Rojas, a Costa Rican native, is a recent implant to Miami. She moved to Florida two years ago with her husband and three children, a pair of 6 year old twins and her 8 year old daughter who will occasionally run races with her mom too.

As a young girl, Rojas began running by her house in San Jose, and once she made the move to Miami, started becoming more serious. She has always loved the sensation of running and says it has always been something she could never describe. She met a trainer who has motivated her and reminded her that putting in daily work can truly turn into results.

This is something Rojas already learned. As a trombonist for the Miami Symphony Orchestra, she practices every day for at least 2-3 hours, “just like running,” she says. “I have to stay in shape, the same as running – the muscles in the mouth need exercise too.”

As a mother, athlete, and musician, Rojas doesn’t have time to mess around. She sets her alarm every day for 3:30 am, while most Miami locals are still groovin’ to the club beats. Rojas has her own groove – three times a week it’s a 4:30 am run, the other three she starts at 5:45. She laughs as she hears me gasp, and explains that she has her children and her husband to make lunch for and prepare their days for. Nine pm is bedtime for the Rojas clan.

This woman clearly wears a tiny stretchy lycra catsuit under her casual wear – she’s a superwoman. But let’s face it, we all are. Every woman has superpowers, we just have to find them and let them fill us up with confidence.

Rojas says the she feels most empowered “at dawn, when I’m running,” but you, dear reader, have no need to be a medaling racer to feel your lady powers.

Whatever dream you have, you can always accomplish it. If you lead an organized, healthy life, if you work hard every day, know and be convinced that you can achieve whatever it is you wish for. Whatever thing, whatever job, even what you thought was impossible. Today, I want to be a better mom, so I have to plan how to be it and then do it. It’s the same with running, the same with anything.

Be conscious and know you’ll get there, but you have to be willing to work, and the work is hard. You have to think and be disciplined.

Therafit Arielle

Make Your Whole Body Happy and make a list of 5 things you wish to improve in your life. Be specific about the aspects of your life you wish to improve - how can you eat a better, more complex and nutrionally-sound diet? Will a meal plan work for you or do you need more community support from girlfriends? How can you make more time to spend on your relationships? Do you need to reserve a date night once a week with your husband? Or perhaps it's a girl's night you should be focusing on? 


Set goals and intentions. Make a plan. Stick to it. Remember, practice makes perfect! #Therafittips


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