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Alexa says, 'Bienvenidos a Miami"

Alexa says, 'Bienvenidos a Miami"

 Therafit Arielle and Alexa

Sleeker, Sexier, Softer. Rounded curves, brilliant color, and native to Miami - and no, ladies, we’re not talking about J.Lo. She’s smart, she works hard, and she’ll be the best you ever had – treating you right on the streets and at home.

She’s your best friend - more than just arm candy – she’s your foundational support (literally).

Meet Alexa. She’s the newest Therafit girl and she wants to take back the city with you.

Inspired by the colors of the art deco buildings, the sweet smell of café con leche, and the movements of the cultures who make the city so vibrant, Alexa has a mixed heritage just like Miami.

A few weeks ago, we had the first batch of Alexas sitting in our conference room, waiting to be understood. With Creative around the table, we were trying to figure out where to place them, what to call them, how to get to know them. Each shoe elicited a different story, a different feeling, a different color.

Each had her own personality.

We noticed how the orange on one of the Alexas looked just like the brilliant coral that feeds so many of the fish off the Florida coast. We imagined the pink accents on the white Alexa riding on the tall back of a majestic flamingo. The electric blue on the Ocean Alexa made us want to dive into them. The bits of green on the black Alexa reminded us of the lemonades and key lime pies we all grew up on.

So, meet Alexa. With the same patented technology as the rest of our Therafit Shoe line, she’s much more than just her looks. Definitely someone you can bring home to Thanksgiving.


Make Your Whole Body Happy and give her a chance!

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