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Okay ladies – if you’re older than 12, you’ve been there.

The surprise, and maybe even pride, that came with the physical and emotional ride into womanhood – the cramps, the bad moods, the tears (SO MANY tears – and for no reason, it always seems), the bloating; but also, the creativity, the intuition, the sensitivity, and the magical power that is being a woman.

Our bloody monthly reminders of lady-dom have some of us not wanting to leave the bed and others of us loving their bigger boobs. Regardless, Elite Daily takes on the 21 Things We Think Are Okay To Do While On Our Periods.

Taboo or not mah friends, admit they’re true.

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Make Your Whole Body Happy and be sure to pamper yourself during your time of the month. Spend some time with girlfriends, but also spend some time alone.

Watch your favorite movie

read some books

and lightly indulge your cravings.


Here are some great restorative yoga poses for while your on your menses.  

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