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Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

Whether we’re hungry or just bored, eating the right foods can keep us from mindlessly opening and closing the fridge. Here are some of our favorites from fitsugar‘s top 20 appetite-suppressing foods that will keep your mind off your tummy and your hands out of the pantry!


Nuts – filled with healthy fats and high in fiber that will digest slowly, keeping you full for much longer! Getting the recommended amount (25 grams) of dietary fiber will day will help you lower your risk of heart disease!



Oatmeal – half a cup of rolled oats has five grams of fiber! Not to mention it can help increase your body’s appetite-regulating hormone, cholecystokinin


Mint – Because of its strong scent, mint is a natural appetite suppressant - so grab that mint tea to stay away from the cookies!




Flaxseeds – omega-3s! One tablespoon alone contains 2.3 grams  of them, as well as 3 grams of keep-me-full fiber. Flaxseeds are also chock full of omega-6 fatty acids, increasing levels of that cholecystokinin.



Vinegar – by lowering the glycemic index of high-carb foods and slowing your stomach from emptying, vinegar can help you feel fuller for longer by slowing the release of glucose into your bloodstream. Add a splash to your next salad and reap the benefits!




Chia Seeds – another great source for omega-3’s, fiber, and protein too! The seeds swell with water, filling your stomach and keeping it full.



And the most important one… water! – hydration is key to keeping that appetite at bay, as sometimes people confuse dehydration with hunger. If you’re still craving, grab an apple or some watermelon, fruits and vegetables with a high water content will have a similar effect.


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