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Ready to take the plunge with juicing? Therafit tries it for you

Ready to take the plunge with juicing? Therafit tries it for you

A Therafit staffer tries a product we love, BlueprintCleanse and scores a 15% discount exclusively for Therafit Mind, Body & Sole readers!

Hi, I'm Danielle - one of the Creative Brand Ambassadors at Therafit!

I have a love/hate relationship with food. I love to cook, love a wide variety of food and I love to try new dishes. Unfortunately, food tends to hate me back, and by hate I mean I have pretty severe food allergies and intolerances.  My reactions aren’t pretty; if I react to a food, you’ll see me sporting really big sunglasses to hide my puffy, swollen face.

Since I usually don’t show the signs of an allergic episode until a few hours after eating, discovering the culprit is like a game of Where’s Waldo. During a particularly rough month last spring, I decided enough was enough and decided to do a juice cleanse to reset and reclaim my body.

Lucky for me, my husband is always up for a new adventure (plus I do most of the cooking in our house) so I had a partner in crime for my juice journey. Because I am a closet geek (and because a reaction would be counter-productive in my quest for an allergy free existence), I spent about a week researching all of the different juice cleanses. I read ingredients, sent emails and read dozens of blog accounts of juices cleanse.  After completely my research, I chose the Foundation level of  BluePrint Cleanse for us.

Our juices arrived to a local spa (we are in Miami and BluePrintCleanse was not yet available at Whole Foods in our area) on a Monday for a Tuesday start to our cleanse. We had received our pre-cleanse instructions over the weekend and except for a coffee and wine cheat over the weekend, we ate very light, mostly vegetable fare to prepare for our three day juice diet. 

Day 1 of the juices was pleasantly easy. Since I had ready first person juice cleanse accounts, I was worried that we might be tired or have detoxing side effects; none of this occurred. My husband loved each juice, I think he honestly could have just had the green juice all day. My favorite was the pineapple mint. I was surprised at how filling the juices were - I had to remind myself when it was time to have the next juice throughout the day.

On day 2 and 3, we juiced in different locations. I had a quick overnight work trip to D.C. so I packed my juices on ice in my suitcase and set off. I had a team brainstorm meeting for the day which is always food challenging for me (I am always the one with the special orders) so juicing during this time was great. I was able to avoid potentially reactive foods, avoid the junk food that always shows up at the end of day and I felt energized all day. My husband found that managing work and my daughter’s schedule without having to worry about his meals while I was away made life much easier as well. We made it through both days with minimal detox effects; we both had a little stuffiness and I had a coffee withdrawal headache which I fixed by having caffeine (hey I was on a business trip).  

Doing a cleanse was a whole body reset for us both. For me, I was able to clear my system of all but a few fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices and really track my food intake to better identify which foods were causing my reactions.

For my husband, he was able to reset his junk food and late night eating tendencies and focus on healthier eating. BluePrintCleanse was a win-win for us both.  We are currently planning our next cleanse for this month.  Join us by using Coupon Code THERAFITCLEANSE to get 15% off your juices!

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