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5 Flats You Need For Fall

5 Flats You Need For Fall

Most women can attest that there is a huge difference in comfort levels between heels and flats. As women, we will grit our teeth through the pain for the love of fashion. In most cases, wearing high heeled shoes for an extended amount of time can lead to serious foot discomfort. But did you know that high heels can actually cause permanent damage to your feet?

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, you will have logged about 75,000 miles on your feet by the time you are 50. Even if you haven’t quite reached this age yet, chances are you have done a fair amount of damage – especially if you wear high heels every day. Shoe-related injuries occur more often in high heel wearers – particularly to their feet, ankles, hips and knees. Now some high heels are better than others, but overall they all can eventually cause health problems, whether they are platforms, wedges or stilettos.

This information may not be enough of a reason for women to abandon their high heels all together and stick with just flats. But hanging up your heels in exchange for more down-to-earth footwear at least 50% of the time may not be a bad idea – plus your feet will thank you! Check out Therafit’s 5 Flat Shoes You Need for Fall picks below for a shoe that is right for you!\


The Austin

Therafit Austin Navy

The Maya

Therafit Maya Pink

The Gigi

Therafit Gigi Silver

The Rio

Therafit Rio

The Mary Jane

Therafit Mary Jane Tan


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Therafit will donate 10% of every purchase to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

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