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Meet the Survivors

Meet the Survivors

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer found in women in the United States and is also the fifth leading cause of death. Early detection is the key for having successful treatment and a higher chance of beating the disease, so raising awareness is a top priority.  

As a company ran by women, Therafit Shoe is committed to helping spread the breast cancer awareness. This month, Therafit will donate 10% of all sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Last year, we rounded up a few famous women who have battled breast cancer and shared their stories. To kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month this year, we have updated this list with a some more inspiring women who have also shared their battles with breast cancer, some as recent as this year. 


Kathy Bates

Therafit Kathy-Bates


Award-winning actress Kathy Bates was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2003, but in 2012 found a tumor in her left breast. She was then diagnosed with breast cancer and chose to undergo a double mastectomy to avoid radiation and chemotherapy. Luckily, due to early detection the actress was able to once again beat cancer and is now in great health. 


Angelina Jolie

Therafit Angelina Joliee

Angelina Jolie annouced in 2013 that she had both her breast removed in a preventative surgery to reduce her risk of breast cancer. Although Angelina was not offically diagnosed with the diesease, she did have a gene mutation called BRCA1 which increases a person's risk for both breast and ovarian cancer. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, women with the BRCA1 gene have a 60-85% higher risk of cancer. In May of this year, Jolie annouced that she also had ovaries removed due to signals of pre cancer showoing up on her routine scan. 


Suzanne Somers

Therafit Suzanne Sommers


Suzanne Somers was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001. The Three is Company actress underwent lumpectomy and radiation treatment after learning of her condition. After her surger Somers chose to forego chemotherapy and instead decided to use alternative treatment for her recovery plan. By using the modern method of using mistletoe to incrase her immune system called Iscador, Somers was able to keep cancer at bay. She also attributes a fully organic diet and strict exercise regime to her continued cancer free health. She now has a renewed sense of living claiming she will live to be 110 years old!


Guiliana Rancic

Therafit Giuliani Rancic


E! star Guiliana Rancic went on NBC's "Today" show in 2011 to announce to the world that she had breast cancer. Rancic learned about the diagnoses through a mammogram at her doctor's request before undergoing her third round of in vitro fertilization treatment. She had a double lumpectomy as part of her treatment and later underwent a double mastectomy. Since then Rancic has continued to monitor the disease and raise awareness about breast cancer to others. 

Sharon Osborne

Therafit Sharon Osbourne


Sharon Osbourne was first diagnosed with colon cancer in 2002 but she shocked the world when she underwent a double mastectomy after learning she had the BRCA1 gene that increases the risk of breast cancer. Osbourne said that after learning she had the gene, she knew the odds were not in her favor. She has since had reconstructive surgery to her breast and currently remains cancer free.


Shannen Doherty

Therafit Shannon Doherty


Recently this past August, actress Shannen Doherty unintentionally revealed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in an insurance lawsuit against her ex-manager. Doherty discovered that she had invasive breast cancer and potenially has to undergo a mastectomy and chemotherapy. The actress claims that due to her ex-manager not paying her insurance premiums she was unable to attend her regular docotor's visit which could have helped to detect the cancer early. Doherty was informed by her doctor that had her breast cancer been detected sooner it could have been stopped and no surgery or treatment would have been needed. 

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