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5 Best Suggestions for Wearing Sandals in Summer

5 Best Suggestions for Wearing Sandals in Summer

Summer time and the livin is easy” but what you’re putting your feet through wearing flip-flops is not. When you are wearing typical Sandals your toes are constantly gripping and bunched up to keep the shoes from falling off, making it impossible for your arch to flex normally, which in turn compromises the way your forefoot pushes off when you step forward. What happens? We compensate with our hips – forcing our knees and hips to absorb the impact while not allowing our butt and the backs of our legs to fully engage, thus weakening them over time.

To help your toes recover from the stress of being clenched, Prevention Magazine, a leading publisher of health, fitness, and whole body issues, suggests stretching the muscles along the top of the foot.

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart, then place one foot behind you, turning the tops of your toes to the floor.
  • Try to keep both knees straight, stand tall, and don't let your ankle roll out to the side as you stretch.
  • Start by holding the stretch for a few seconds on each side (your foot might cramp initially because it's not used to stretching this way), and work up to 60 seconds on each side.

Thankfully Therafit came along and designed a sandal just for you flip-flop lovers. If Therafit Flip Flop Painyou suffer from foot pain or if you’re simply interested in preserving the good health of your feet, a solid pair of orthotic sandals like ours are worth the investment. With the same patented technology as our athletic line, these flip flops not only offer you the optimum amount of support (that you can customize), but the foot bed is encrusted with 86 acupressure points to stimulate the various regions of your foot. Your feet can happily enjoy the breeze in these sandals while your legs and body feel incredible support.


Wear comfortable sandals with a thick & rigid footbed, good arch support and thick heel cups

  • Therafit’s shock absorbing midsoles, superior arch support, and deep heel-cups stabilize and support your foot
  • Wear flip flops that cushion your foot on impact


• Use proper shoes, especially when walking for long periods to evenly distribute weight through your foot

  • Therafit Sandals are made to take the shock of each step and distribute it downward and outward
  • By inserting or removing the Personal Comfort Adapters found in the heel area of each of our products, you can adjust the impact resistance of each step

 Make Your Whole Body Happy  - the snow is melting, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are beginning to sing. Let your whole body dance to spring's rhythm and don't let flat shoes and painful aches stop you. 


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