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Therafit Shoes for Posture

Good posture begins with our feet, and without the proper supportive foundation, how can we feel grounded through the rest of our bodies? The most influential activity or foot position that affects foot pain is the stance.

When a person is standing, the feet are dealing with two strong forces, one coming from the heel-to-ground contact and one from the vertical weight of the person.
A very common problem is pronation, which is when a person turns the foot towards the inside so the sole bears most of the body weight, and is constantly making unbalanced contact with the ground. This causes the person to re-adjust his knees, hips, pelvic region and back to align himself enough to even walk. Without the proper supportive foundation, any other movements can often remain out of alignment, causing severe negative effects to the body such as arch, heel, knee, and back pain. 


  • Use proper shoes, especially when exercising to evenly distribute weight
  • Wear shoes that fit properly and provide adequate support
  • Use insoles to support your arches
  • Therafit’s superior arch support, along with the deep heel cup, found in the removable socklining insoles lift and support your foot
  • Therafit shoes cushion your foot on impact
  • Therafit Shoes are made to take the shock of each step and distributing it downward and outward
  • By inserting or removing the Personal Comfort Adapters found in the heel area of each of our products, you can adjust the impact resistance of each step
The best shoe for plantar fasciitis

 Shock abosorbing wedge for Plantar Fasciitis


Dr. Liana Korytowski-Seldin

"Therafit sneakers have the perfect arch support for plantar fasciitis sufferers. I wear them and recommend them to my patients."

Dr. Liana Korytowski-Seldin

Dr. Lisa Masterson of the Emmy Award- winning series, The Doctors, Co-creator of Therafit Shoe

"Women are on their feet all day, and wearing uncomfortable shoes can send shockwaves of pain throughout your body. I created Therafit Shoe to alleviate the aches & pains that come with long days on your feet - at work, at the gym, or just running the countless errands that we do."

Dr. Lisa Masterson of the Emmy Award- winning series, The Doctors, Co-creator of Therafit Shoe

Wendy, Miami, FL

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY SHOES FOR ALL REASONS.. the colors, the style, the quality, but most of all .. because now i don't have plantar facitis anymore..AND my feet do not hurt after a full day of work."

Wendy, Miami, FL

Debbie, Quebec, Canada

"I love the shoe. After being on my feet in the hospital all day I get a lot of pain particularly in my heels, With the adjustable support I can relieve the pain and my feet feel so much better at the end of the day."

Debbie, Quebec, Canada