Therafit Orthopedic Sandals

Our 7 Layers of Foot Pain Protection

Therafit Shoe Personalized Comfort System Technology

Therafit Orthopedic Sandals

If you suffer from foot pain or if you're invested in preserving the good health of your feet for years to come - it's wise to invest in a pair of orthopedic sandals.

Wearing orthotic sandals is essential to achieve foot health, in this way we reduce the possibility of suffering injury and discomfort while improving existing conditions and make the task of walking easier on the feet.

Most flip flops - with their flat, thin sole - simply don't cut it when it comes to supporting the arch, heel, toes and Achilles tendon. Luckily you no longer have to trade comfort for style - new styles of this footwear are stylish as well as functional


  • Wear comfortable sandals with a thick & rigid footbed, good arch support and thick heel cups
  • Therafit’s shock absorbing midsoles, superior arch support, and deep heel-cups stabilize and support your foot
  • Therafit flip flops cushion your foot on impact
  • Use proper shoes, especially when walking for long periods to evenly distribute weight through your foot
  • Therafit Sandals are made to take the shock of each step and distribute it downward and outward
  • By inserting or removing the Personal Comfort Adapters found in the heel area of each of our products, you can adjust the impact resistance of each step
The best sandals for plantar fasciitis

 Shock abosorbing wedge for Plantar Fasciitis


Dr. Liana Korytowski-Seldin

"Therafit sneakers have the perfect arch support for plantar fasciitis sufferers. I wear them and recommend them to my patients."

Dr. Liana Korytowski-Seldin
Dr. Lisa Masterson of the Emmy Award- winning series, The Doctors, Co-creator of Therafit Shoe

"Women are on their feet all day, and wearing uncomfortable shoes can send shockwaves of pain throughout your body. I created Therafit Shoe to alleviate the aches & pains that come with long days on your feet - at work, at the gym, or just running the countless errands that we do."

Dr. Lisa Masterson of the Emmy Award- winning series, The Doctors, Co-creator of Therafit Shoe
Wendy, Miami, FL

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY SHOES FOR ALL REASONS.. the colors, the style, the quality, but most of all .. because now i don't have plantar facitis anymore..AND my feet do not hurt after a full day of work."

Wendy, Miami, FL
Debbie, Quebec, Canada

"I love the shoe. After being on my feet in the hospital all day I get a lot of pain particularly in my heels, With the adjustable support I can relieve the pain and my feet feel so much better at the end of the day."

Debbie, Quebec, Canada


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