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Who Has Time For A 30-Minute Workout? YOU!

Who Has Time For A 30-Minute Workout? YOU!

We get it – Therafit’s a women-run company, remember?

Between picking up the kids from school, soccer practice, and the dentist’s office, 

between leaving the office and heading to your next meeting,
between studying for the MCATS and working the nightshift,

whatever phase of your life you’re in, being a lady isn’t easy, and fitting in time for a workout often seems like mission impossible.


But we all know Therafit girls love themselves a challenge.. and besides, want to know what just half an episode of The Bachelorette will getcha?

Improvements to: Cardiovascular Health, Brain Power, and Mood

Exercising delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. The increased blood flow strengthens your heart and lungs making them work more efficiently, as well as increasing serotonin levels in the brain, leading to improved clarity and mental function. Move over PMS! Exercise releases endorphins – so not only is your physical and mental body feeling awesome, so are your emotions!


Basically 30-minutes of moving your bum will get you:

More: Serotonin, Endorphins, Energy, Life (yes, you’ll live longer!)

Less: Viral Illnesses, Cancer, Chronic and Cardiovascular Diseases, Depression, Weight

As a woman in today’s society, we’re constantly expected to give up our bodies, our time, and our energy for everyone else. For just a half-hour a day, make the time to give back to yourself - the scales are tipping in the workout’s favor on this one!

Plus,  a study published in the American Journal of Physiology showed that those working out for 30 minutes as opposed to 60 minutes actually ended up burning more calories and loosing weight faster, perhaps due to less fatigue and thus engaging in more movement-based activity throughout the day, as well as not having to compensate in food for the longer workout session. 


Make Your Whole Body Happy and move it for a half hour a day!

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