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Surviving a Summer Music Festival

Surviving a Summer Music Festival

From 1969's infamous Woodstock to the following year's Glastonbury, summer sun and outdoor music festivals have had a beautiful love affair, however it's often a different story when it comes to hair - and makeup, and outfits.. (okay, but at least you'll have an amazing time!)

Hot, sweaty, sticky, and frizzy doesn't feel so poetic, even when you're dancing to future memories on the muddy festival grounds. Refinery29 offers up some great hair tips and styles that will leave you feeling like the hippie at heart you know you are, without the orbitting planetary frizz. 

For sanitary, skin, and beauty tips check out Beautylish's Beauty Music Festival Survival Kit - they've got you covered from UV rays to moisture blottage. 

And what about your clothes? You'll be shaking and grooving, sweating and dripping. Ripped jean shorts, head scarves, and crop tops, we see you! But how about that real style inspo  - we're talking the originals. StyleList put together a slideshow of vintage festival goers to remind you how it all began. 

Whether you just got back from  Lollapalooza or planning your route to the infamous Burning Man - make your whole body happy  by staying hydrated, carrying some snacks (Larabars are great), and wearing sunglasses!


Have a blast!

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