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Mother: A Poem

Mother: A Poem

Therafit Mother

because when she birthed me it was only to have someone to hold her hand while she slowly shook her head back and forth in time with the music her breath the breeze

moves her skirts her silks her golden hair

that always has hidden treasures and feathers buried in it sometimes even sweet smelling oils she got in amsterdam or bhutan or somewhere far away

and she’d say one day she would live inside a great red rock cave and I would cry

but she never knew much about tears or anchors only wings and pretty crystals that sparkle in the sun

she’d dance and drum but still doesn’t sing so well yet her soul escapes through the notes because she doesn’t need a key

locks don’t exist in her universe only open windows so that she can shake her head back and forth in time with the music her breathe the breeze

and so I hold her hand.


Make Your Whole Body Happy - what is your relationship with your mom like? Do you see yourself reflected in her?


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