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Mirror Mirror: Meditation and Self-Love

Mirror Mirror: Meditation and Self-Love

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when you look in the mirror, do you like what you see?

the nose, the hair, the eyes – that’s certainly part of it, but can you see your spirit reflected in the glass too?

our physical bodies are only the vessels that carry our awareness in this reality. so the first step is embracing, loving, and taking care of that beautiful container. and each of our containers is different – even twins don’t have matching fingerprints – there’s no point trying to compare our legs, our hips, our bodies to someone else’s. we’ve been created perfectly to carry out the mission destiny has planned for us. so why would we want to be in someone else’s spaceship?

forget the models, the photoshop, the magazines – they make you feel like you’re not perfect because they’re scared. scared of what would happen if everyone (especially the ladies) felt empowered, felt strong, and felt beautiful. they’d make a lot less money. we’d be a little tougher to control. we would let our voices drown out all the toxic noise we’ve let them put into society, and worse – our minds. the blood in your body is flowing, the cells in your being are reproducing, your pulse thumps when you’re kissing, laughing, rockin’ out. if you like wearing lipstick – that’s awesome. if you like painting your fingernails – woohoo! but not for one second does that change who you are. you are you – your awareness the water your body the glass. let it fill you, spin you, make you feel all bubbly.

but don’t try to break the glass. the glass is pretty. it’s nice. it’s an amazing, complex, magical thing that is able to hold and encase you while at the same time letting you spread love. the glass/body isn’t a cage, it’s more like a sailboat, helping the “you” enjoy the ride of this life, even if it’s not always smooth sailing.

and texts, e-mails, snapchats, instagram… many of us can’t even spend an hour, let alone an afternoon hanging out with ourselves. can you? does it freak you out? it’s okay if it does, but maybe this month, amidst all the television commercials and holiday savings guides you can find it in yourself to give the gift of you – to you! because really, how much can we give others if we haven’t spent the energy giving to ourselves?

maybe make the commitment to start meditating for 5 minutes everyday (here’s a how to as well as a guided meditation video).

maybe start carrying around a little journal with you, so in the spare moments you have alone you can begin to slide your slipper thoughts onto a page, leaving the mind a little tidier than it was before.

maybe the next time you’re home alone and the roommates/partner/family is out you blast up the jams, take off your pants, and dance til you feel like your legs will collapse from so much twerking.

any idea is a good idea as long as it’s constructive to giving yourself light, love, and energy. you are perfect. you deserve love, and it needs to start coming from you, otherwise you might not recognize it when someone else is trying to give you some. and that would be a real shame, wouldn’t it?

when you look in the mirror, do you like what you see?

can you see the universe, the stars, the cosmos, all of history and the future staring back at you?

the present moment is all there is and you embody it. you are it. you are the universe. you are made of star dust (literally!)

Therafit Words of Wisdom

smile at yourself the next time you walk into the bathroom, pass by the hallway, go down in the elevator.

mirrors are tricky but the trick is simple – love yourself. no matter what. who would be so silly to choose any other option? ;)


Arielle is a Certified Yoga Teacher (and certified Therafit Girl). She loves writing and exchanging wisdoms on and off her mat, and if she isn't barefoot, you bet she's in her Venice Sandals or her Mary Janes. :) 


Make Your Whole Body Happy - and try some of these tips out. How do you love yourself? What makes you smile?

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