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Making our whole body happy - starting with you!

Making our whole body happy - starting with you!

Welcome to the Therafit Community! 

Mind, Body, Sole is a heartfelt creation we’ve been developing since our beginning.  We are passionate about women’s wellness and wanted to have a space dedicated to women by women to share information, humor, great pictures, recipes and all things that make a body good.

I’ll be your Therafit guide, taking you through the Mind, Body & Sole of our company and our journey together.  We want to know what interests You, what drives you, what inspires you and what makes you want to share that joy with someone else.

Our blog will feature guest contributors ranging from notable professionals to everyday moms and students, pro-actively living their best lives and sharing their experiences along the way.  You will also see exclusive features from our partners Dr. Lisa Masterson of The Doctors and The National Posture Institute – both are committed to women’s health through wellness.

Will focus on healthy living, career, parenting, balancing, intellect, humor, personal growth and life experiences. 

Will feature recipes, food, fitness, wellness, sustainability, beauty, fashion, weight loss and motivation.

Is our fun space, where we will collaborate with people, faith, charities, travel, communities and other things that get us whole body happy!

I’ll be your guide.  For the record:  I’m Jennifer and I’m a shoe freak.  And not just about comfort, (although working here is adding dust to my stilettos).  I will be the girl who compliments you in the bathroom, or is terrible with names but can tell you exactly what I wore to every romantic event in my life – and the back up dress.  I am a parent of two young boys, one with Autism, and have been working passionately with Therafit since 2010.  I love working here and am so excited to invite you into my world.

We’re going to have a blast!

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