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High-Heeled Road To Success?

High-Heeled Road To Success?

Victor Chu, former footwear designer turned “stiletto whisperer” as the Post now calls him, developed Legworks, a high-heel fitness routine because, as he explains to the Post,  “Ninety-five percent of women don't know how to walk in high heels.”

In order to breed success one must dress for it, and until recently, looking the part called for sky-high stillettos.

But big spills like Christina Aguilera's recent one outside an LA nightclub to supermodels on the runways - walking so tall can have its downfalls, especially over time. Like the last thirty seconds of any pharmaceutical ad, joint degeneration, knee osteoporosis and prolonged back pain are just the first in a long series of stiletto side-effects. A recent study done at Iowa State University suggests that heel height  changes walking characteristics such as slower speeds and shorter stride lengths. 

Which is why recently, extremely successful women like Amy Poehler and Arianna Huffington have actively spoken out against high-heels – choosing styles without the pain, proving that comfort is confidence.

Make Your Whole Body Happy  and be sure to wear shoes that provide proper arc and sole support so you'll be looking sexily successful well into the future. 

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