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All Aboard The Happy Train

All Aboard The Happy Train

Often when we think of our happiness, most of us immediately go to the things we need – whether it’s financial, emotional, or otherwise. We feel there are holes in our lives that can be filled if only we could have this, or get our hands on that.

We work our whole lives to be happy, forgetting that our "whole lives" are all we really have – the only thing any of us really needs to be happy is gratitude. Be thankful of everything and everyone you do already have, and let go of everything else.

Happiness is contextual – you can only know what true pleasure is as compared to pain.

Instead of trying to gain in order to be happy – try letting go. Elite Daily writes up an excellent list of the top 20 things you need to let go to be happy.


Today, make your whole body happy and focus on letting go of one of these things - tomorrow, set your focus to the next one on the list. 

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