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goodnight, moon

goodnight, moon
She waxes and wanes, never stagnant, never expectant. Much like


her only constant is change – the guiding light of the universe when blanketed in steeping darkness. Once a month she encourages us to create our own inner light, as she watches from within the night only to return the following evening to remind us she will always be there.

We women are made of her dust, every one of our cells linked up to her energy – her universe shifting energy. The energy that can rise the ocean, that will make a seedling grow, and that makes us shed and bleed.

Her cycle is our cycle – never ending, always expanding, always glowing. She travels the sky every evening, gliding across the dark slipperiness, the true mistress of grace.

Our tears her gifts – each glittering droplet dripping from the moonstone we carry within our souls.

Therafit goodnight, moon

Tonight the "Full Wolf Moon" will  be the smallest of the year, appearing 12.2 percent smaller than the largest full moon of the year which will occur on August 10. It will rise at 11:52 pm at  25 degrees of Cancer. This moon will bring emotions into motion, so be patient, and let yourself feel.

You may experience a wide range and not completely understand why you feel the way you do - embrace these moments and honor them - shed a few tears! Accept this emotional cleansing this first full moon of the year brings. The full moon in Cancer highlights family, home, and earth, so don't be surprised if you find yourself seeking emotional shelter or mom's mashed potatoes. 


Make Your Whole Body Happy - it's chilly out there! Wrap up in cozy blankets, make some tea, and sit by your favorite people. 


Arielle is a writer and  YA registered yoga teacher with a B.A. in Peace and Justice Studies from Tufts University. If she's not barefoot then she's in her Therafits. 

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