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Give the Earth a Hug Day

Give the Earth a Hug Day

Therafit Happy Earth Day

Earthlings! Today's the day to remember how beautiful and amazing our little green and blue planet is. She gives us water, food, air, and such gorgeous place to live and play in. 

She gives and gives and gives to us - so at least today of all days, let's give her a little something back. 

Maybe bike or carpool to work for the rest of the week (here's how to start!)

Maybe pack your kid's lunches with resuable silverware

Maybe be extra good about turning off the lights when you leave a room, and not letting the sink or shower run too long. 

Maybe just be outside for an hour today, breathing in the delicious April air (look up hiking routes in your area!) 

Make Your Whole Body Happy - feel the earth beneath your feet. Wiggle those pretty toes. And when you're not sifting sand between your toes (or if your feet are always hurting!), slip on a pair of Therafits to ground you and connect you back, so you can enjoy the natural world with comfy feet. :)

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