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5 Tips to finding the best arch support sandal

5 Tips to finding the best arch support sandal


Podiatrist Dr. Steve Rosenberg spills all flat-sandals dirty secrets to the The Huffington Post: "The lack of arch support in sandals and flip flops can cause discomfort in the great toe joint and arch cramps. Without the proper arch support in your shoes the great toe joint is not supported and can cause joint pain when walking. Flat feet can also trigger foot and toe problems when walking in summer footwear without adequate support. The muscles in the arch of your foot get tired, cramp and fatigue eventually going into spasm."

He writes,  "the number one complaint I hear in my practice during the summer is, "I need more arch support in my sandals and flip flops and I do not know what to do". Does this sound like you?

Check out the infographic below to see how detrimental flat, unsupportive flip flops can be for your back, knees, and feet.

Most flip flops - with their flat, thin sole - simply don't cut it when it comes to supporting the arch, heel, toes and Achilles tendon. But - yay!- you found us, and  no longer have to trade comfort for style - our mission is to create footwear that is stylish as well as functional.

Therafit Huffington Flip Flop Infographic 

Our sandals pass through this 5-point checklist - do yours?

*Contoured Footbed - 86 acupressure nodules to stimulate the reflexology points on your feet

*Deep Heel Cups - which stabilize and support your foot, keeping it in place as you walk

*Superior Arch Support - they said it, not us - read our testimonials 

*Shock Absorbing Midsoles - which distribute the impact downwards and outwards

*Proper Weight Distribution - so that you can walk farther and for longer as the soles evenly distribute the pressure throughout the footbed

Don't get sucked into buying, let alone wearing, flimsy, flat sandals again!


Whether you buy from us or somewhere else, Make Your Whole Body Happy and be sure to keep this 5 points in mind when you're looking to buy a pair of sandals.  

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