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12 Great Reasons to get your h20

12 Great Reasons to get your h20

At Therafit, the 12 hour shoes for women, we love our cafe con leche and espresso in the morning, but then it's time to switch back to the good stuff:  water.  And why not?  Check out these 12 tips on the great effects H20 can have on your body.  

  1. Drinking water can reduce your bad habit of snacking lot or decrease it to a very low intake.
  2. Zero calories!
  3. Water can act like a medicine for all diseases. It also helps in avoiding headaches and back pains which are essentially caused by dehydration.
  4. It moisturizes your skin and keeps your skin fresh, as a tulip in water. Your skin would glow and shine.
  5. Water can keep your body temperature moderate, thus while doing exercise or sitting in office it can balance your inner temperature. Water works like fuel to our body.
  6. Water flushes out waste products that are produced by our body. It removes toxins from our body.           
  7. Yourbody is relaxed and feels at ease when it receives sufficient amount of water daily.
  8.  It keeps you in a good mood.
  9. It is the best medication to avoid cancer.
  10. Research shows that drinking water can help avoid the risk of bladder and colon cancer.
  11. Water lubricates joints.
  12. Water is FREE.

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Try these healthy additions for adding a zip and vitamin boost to your water bottle naturally!

 -  A fresh burst of lemon, lime or orange = antinflammation

- Cool cucumber rounds = fiber, vitamins C & K 

-Whole frozen raspberries or blueberries = antioxidants

-Crushed mint or basil leaves = fresh breath or soothing stomach


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