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Why We Give

At Therafit, we believes that each and every person can make a difference, even when they shop. Every purchase you make helps us make a positive impact.

One Step Forward Giving

Small steps can add up fast - that's why since the beginning of Therafit, we've worked to have a positive impact and our work continues.

Giving to Causes You Believe In

Therafit has been a Certified B Corporation™ since 2013. We have a sincere interest in medical research, social responsibility, education, and the preservation of our planet and it’s
resources.  We have carefully selected
reputable non-profit partners that represent these shared interests.

We believe in value and user experience.

With easy returns, readily available staff, a content driven website and other details, we hope to ensure the best customer service possible. We have created a valuable product for a loyal audience and we want to earn the trust and commitment of our brand enthusiasts with every purchase. This enables us to give more to outreach and empowerment programs.

  • How We Give
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