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Why A Pair of Therafit Shoes is the Best Holiday Gift for Anyone With Feet

Why A Pair of Therafit Shoes is the Best Holiday Gift for Anyone With Feet

This holiday season, give the gift of going pain-free. 

A pair of Therafit shoes is the perfect gift for mom and dad, relatives that work on their feet all day, friends that experience foot pain, or as a gift to yourself (try our slippers!).

Unless you experience foot pain, it’s easy to take feet for granted. They carry us and walk us and get us around, and yet we hardly think twice about them. 

We designed our shoes to take care of your feet for you, so that whether you already have plantar fasciitis, knee or back pain, or just want to make sure you don’t end up developing painful discomfort, you can put on a pair of Therafit Shoes and keep walkin’ your walk. 

So what makes our shoes actually work to keep feet pain-free?

Superior Arch Support

Supporting the foot’s arch in the proper place is key to relieving the painful symptoms of plantar fasciitis and any arch/heel pain. It also helps prevent these conditions. Our shoes are designed with the optimal contour, positioning, and height for your arches to be supported all day long. From our patented soles to our shock-absorbing removable orthotic inserts, you’ll experience the heaven that is properly supported feet. 

Personalized Impact Resistance

Perhaps you’ve wondered what those funky dots in the heels of our shoes are for. The patented technology we developed is completely unique to our shoes, which is why wearing a pair of Therafit shoes is a completely different (and pain free!) experience. Each little dot is actually a rod that can be inserted or removed into the heel of the shoe to create more resistance, or relieve it. They are shock absorbing, meaning they take the pressure off every time you take a step. 

Improves Posture

Remember when walking with books on your head to keep your spine tall was the answer to better posture? We created a better solution. Wearing supportive shoes prevents your feet from overpronation (when your feet turn in towards each other). It also helps to realign the knees, hips, and back at the same time, relieving pressure on your feet and arches. Our shoes also are designed to provide the right amount of cushion so pain is avoided in high-pressure spots, which helps the balance, alignment, and general health of your feet.  

They’re Actually Kinda Cute

Remember when shoes with “solutions” had to be big, brown, and...not cute (to put it kindly)? Our shoes are all designed in-house at our headquarters to bring elements of the latest designer trends to you. From sandals to booties to shoes for those working in restaurants and hospitals, we made our line extensive enough so that no one ever has to compromise comfort for fashion ever again. 

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