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Therafit Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel – whether you’ve heard of her or not, now you will. She’s officially my future style icon, and will probably be yours after this post, too. At 92 years young she is considered a tip top fashion icon, “the grand dame of accessories” and “a rare bird of fashion” (she’s always described as that) - but she’s “not some empty-headed fashionista”. 

After cultivating an incredibly successful interior design career – her clients from all over the world addicted to her loud and eclectic style – she has more recently partnered with brands from MAC to jewelry line HSN, and even collaborating to bring her signature oversized glasses to the masses with eyebobs.com

There are myriad of interviews and articles on this fabulously glamorous timeless woman,, and for good reason. She is no Anna Wintour, she lets us in.

Therafit Iris Apfel

To Lucky Magazine’s bringing up the idea of "dressing for a man" versus "dressing for a woman" as a topic of controversy in the fashion world.

I dress for me. And my husband—if my husband doesn't like it, I won't wear it. Otherwise, if somebody else doesn't like it, it's their problem, not mine.

On her first date with her now-husband (from an interview by Daily Candy):

I have a dress I wore on my first date with Carl, my husband. It was a beautiful dress — black in a lovely fabric. It had a full skirt, but not too full. The waist was black satin, and it had a black satin collar with buttons on the sides of the sleeves and a pussy cat bow.


Asked by Tavi Gevinson, the fashion world’s youngest star, in an interview for The Daily Beast - What has been valuable to you about being a late bloomer?

Know that it’s just a lot of la-di-da. You shouldn’t take yourself too seriously and believe your own press. You shouldn’t become a diva or think that because people write nice things about you, you’re pretty swell. I’ve been doing this for over 70 years, and I haven’t changed. I haven’t changed my style, I haven’t changed my thinking, I haven’t changed my look, and now everybody’s dancing up and down and jumping around. To say I don’t enjoy it would be lying; it’s very nice to have some adulation, deserved or not. But sometimes, when it happens too young, people think that everything is coming to them, that they’re just so special, they don’t have to do this and they don’t have to do that, and they’re so much better than everybody else—and that’s sad. That’s why I think you have so many of these drug addicts and suicides and everything in show business. Somebody has an instant success with a recording or something, and then they can’t repeat it. They’re a one-trick pony.
I’m very grateful that, at my tender age, I’ve had all this. I don’t know what I would have done otherwise. Most of my good friends are gone. I don’t play cards, I don’t play golf, I don’t like to go to ladies’ luncheons—to me, that’s a fate worse than death—and this gives me purpose. I’m so grateful.

Just keep in mind I’m the world’s oldest living teenager.

Therafit Iris Apfel Apartment Potriat

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