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The Witches Brew of Halloween Comfort

The Witches Brew of Halloween Comfort

Therafit TJ and Kids

“Trick or Treat” – famous for the kiddies, certainly infamously rhetorical for the parents. It’s all one big trick, isn’t it? Hours of chasing the kids on foot from house to house ringing doorbells, dealing with overly-sugared faces, and worse yet, getting the paint off their faces. A Halloween dressed up or a Halloween dress down – whatever your style, you need to be comfortable. And we all know that starts with those pretty little feet of yours. Tighten up your Therafits because it’s gonna be a long night.

And comfort for the big guys isn’t the only thing to be worried about – it’s the all about the children anyway isn’t it?

In hopes of making the evening comfortable for all, here are some trick or treating tips for parents to ensure your little princess doesn't turn into a witch or your transformer into a "wail-wolf."

Therafit Baby Halloween Costume

Feed the little ones a healthy meal prior to going out on the candy hunt. They’ll be fueled and stay happier, while helping maintain their blood sugar at a normal level. It will also hopefully deter them from devouring all the candy from their first stop.

Children of any age should be accompanied by a parent, if possible. Tweens or young teens who still trick or treat may not be down with this idea; if they trick or treat without an adult, set firm rules and require at least one of them in the group to carry a cell phone for emergencies. Older kids should know which route to take, what etiquette they must follow, rules for safety including 

Purchased costumes should be made of flame-retardant material. Also, be mindful of your local weather! Don’t overdress the kiddos so they spend their night of ghoulish fun dripping in sweat, or where they can’t catch up with their friends because their heavy costumes weigh them down. If you’re up north, don’t let them freeze in skimpy costumes or those made of thin material. The eye holes of a mask should fit so your little one can see out in all directions, and the mask should fit securely around his or her head. Maybe try non-toxic hypoallergenic makeup instead? Why not consider natural, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic makeup instead?

Therafit Baby Lion Costume

Insist on a potty break BEFORE leaving the house. And remember to be considerate of your kid’s bathroom needs by not choosing a costume that is impossibly difficult to get on and off in time to avoid last-minute bathroom explosions (yes, it happens). How about a costume that has snaps and velcro?

Be super mindful about the candy your kids will be eating. Any opened candy should be thrown away, and unless you’re personal besties with any families making homemade treats, throw ‘em out. Immediately toss any items that look suspect or sketchy in any way, and get rid of any treats that your kid doesn't like (there’ll be enough to hoard, no worries). Put some away for later! My brother and I always put our extras in the freezer to save for little treats throughout the rest of the month.

Therafit Family Surf Costume

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