Join Therafit in Celebrating International Women's Day

It's an important day. But at Therafit Shoe, it's just more of the usual.

You see, we're a women's shoe company. We often get requests such as this:

Therafit Customer asking question

The answer has always been no. And we don't see that changing any time soon.

Made by Women, For Women

But we don't just design and sell shoes for women. Our company is run by women (90% of our employees are women!). It's structured to give our women employees the flexibility they need to keep up with all the things they do.

We support causes that are important to women, like these:

- Animal advocacy

- Child advocacy

- Women's health

- Community outreach

Therafit One Step Forward giving initiative

And we've raised money for organizations such as Smile Train,The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Maternal Fetal Care International, Animal Recovery Mission, and United Way.

So, yes, International Women's Day is just another day at the office for us - though with a little more flare.

Standing for Something More

But this year International Women's Day is about #BeBoldForChange. And, okay, that's always been important to us, too. (Have you seen some of the bold colors available in our shoes?)

All joking aside, one of the first things we did as a company was apply to be a B Corporation. And that's not something we can push aside whenever it's hard for us. Social giving is an integral piece of our business structure - we want to use our business to help.

(If you want to know more about B corporations, click here.)

So, yes, this year's International Women's Day is particularly special to us. We hope our bright, comfortable, and cute shoes have inspired other women to #BeBoldforChange - and we're going to love watching this year's events create more of the same.

Some of the bold colors offered by Therafit Shoe

On the 8th - and Beyond

Even after the calendar rolls past International Women's Day, we will continue to support women in our way:

- Manufacturing shoes that are both cute AND comfortable. (Because there are far too many cute shoes that can actually damage your feet - and too many comfortable shoes that don't even try to be cute.)

- Giving to and supporting organizations entrenched in the causes you believe in.

- Being a company that puts the needs of our women employees first - so they never have to choose between work and family.


Will you join us in making every day Women's Day?

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