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How to Improve Your Running Technique

How to Improve Your Running Technique

Spring is in the air and your calendar is probably filling up with charity runs, walks and causes!  Therafit, the wellness shoe for women, wants to you stay safe, comfortable and protected while you are gearing up for a run in your community.  Check out these simple ways to improve your running technique, and enjoy a more comfortable, pain-free, and effective run.

We asked the experts and came back with the top 5 tips for a safe and effective run:

1. Don’t run heel-first. Instead, land on the midsole of your foot. It reduces the impact on joints and bones. Striking the ground with your heels can contribute to back and knee pain.

2. Take shorter strides. Not only are short strides more efficient, but they also reduce wear and tear on your precious joints!

3. Don’t run as hard as you can. Wear a heart rate monitor to keep your run at a desired speed that allows you to run farther distances more efficiently.

4. Try running intervals. It’s a great way to work on speed and form in short bursts, followed by active recovery by walking or jogging comfortably. Interval training yields faster results in the same amount of time.

5. Timing is everything. Try to improve running the same distance in a shorter amount of time. Keep in mind, the more you train, the easier it will get!

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To stay motivated, have an intention when you run:  mentally focus on your goal.  It can be a person, place, thing, distance, time, memory, charity or other inspirational factor.  It will get you through the lulls, out the door and sprinting towards that endorphin high!  

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