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Holiday Tipping Made Simple

Holiday Tipping Made Simple

Everyone deserves a thank you for a job well done, especially those that do the personal and necessary tasks that keep our lives balanced and in order year round.  From caregivers to car detailers, year-end tipping is a lovely gesture of generosity during the holiday season. Saying thanks need not break the budget nor come in the form of cash.

 Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone

A handwritten thank you note or card should accompany any tip, at any amount. No amount of money is as impactful as truly heartfelt thanks. If applicable, a glowing note to a supervisor about year-round professionalism could go a lot further than a gift card ever could.


Domestic staffing site www.Nannypoppins.com suggests one week’s pay or one night’s pay (if an occasional sitter) plus a small personal gift from the child(ren) for the brave souls(s) that keep a vigilant eye over your little darlings while you’re not home.


They are the most important in your families lives.  Give as much as you can afford.

$10 per teacher or $50 for lead teacher
$50 for nurse or other caregiver

Nanny/Live-in Caregiver 

Professional nanny Doris Dupree says, “A nice luxurious, personal gift—not something related to their job—shows your appreciation for a job well done.” In addition, you might consider a one week’s pay bonus for that special nanny or caregiver to an aging parent or special needs child.

Hair Stylist

Keeping your locks in order is no small order. 2 Blond Salon owner Jay Woods recommends an additional 18 to 20 percent tip on your service to show some love or a thoughtful food item for the staff.


$2-$3 per car at a Nightclub, $3-$5 per vehicle.  Kash Patel of Asta Parking.

Lawn Service

They sweat and toil over our yards, taming the beast of dense tropical foliage, with no down season (like other parts of the country).  Give your lawn service team one session’s pay to be split among the crew, says Chris Griffiths of Horticultural Solutions.


“In commercially-run buildings, residents are asked to tip $50 to $200 annually, to be split across the staff, however a special note of thanks is also appreciated,” says Jorge Hernandez of the WaterGarden.

Dog Groomer

"Runs from 25-50% of the price of the groom or bottles of wine! " , says Cruz Mata of  Bark n’ Cat Grooming

Golf Caddy / Golf Pro

Industry standard is $100-$200 for a year’s worth of great training.  Referrals or a personal lunch are also appreciated.

Quick Tips

UPS Delivery/FedEx

Small gift only.  See UPS Regulations here.

Newspaper Delivery Person:  $10 to $20


One week’s pay and a special gift from the family 

Lawn/Pool Service

$10 - $20 gratuity per person

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