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Be Comfortable and Fashionable This Summer

Be Comfortable and Fashionable This Summer

You know what makes a vacation? Shoes.

Wait, wait, hear us out. You and your family have been looking forward to this trip for months. Do you really want to cut your adventures short because your feet hurt? Or because those “comfort” shoes are so heavy you feel like you’re in the middle of some torturous new workout trend?

(Admit it: you’re kind of embarrassed to wear those grandma shoes, anyway.)

We’re here for you. We have cute and comfy sandals, sneakers, and casual shoes to fit any outfit or activity.

Choose Comfort AND Style

What makes Therafit shoes so perfect for exploring new locales? Every shoe has a sole with seven layers of technology built in. These layers provide cushioning (in the right places – especially the heel) and arch support so you can for miles without pain in your feet or joints.

We also choose our materials to give you the benefit of extremely lightweight shoes. Light shoes mean less foot and leg fatigue.

Your feet are different from everyone else’s. The Personal Comfort System, also found in every pair of Therafit shoes, allows you to customize the amount of cushioning in your shoes. Like it firm? Keep all three adapters in. Need more give? Take an adapter, or two, out.

Keep in mind this technology was designed for women who are on their feet for 12 hours or more a day, like nurses. So a stroll along the beach should be no problem.

Your New Summer Favorites

Therafit Candy Women's Mesh Active Shoe

Candy Women's Mesh Active Shoe

When you have a long day of museums ahead of you, reach for the Candy. The fully-enclosed shoe protects your feet when you’re surrounded by families in the tour group (and stays on when you realize, oh, no, the child trying to climb into the exhibit is YOURS). The mesh uppers are the perfect compromise when the inside air is a bit too chill and the summer sun is scorching.


Therafit pink flora sandal

Flora Women's Leather Sandal

Go from poolside to outlet shopping with the Flora. The flower details mean this is not just another leather sandal. And with all of the color choices available, you won’t have a hard time matching your favorite outfits.

 Therafit jasmine

Jasmine Women’s Patent Leather Sandal

What do you do when you and your husband actually have some time to yourselves for a nice dinner? Reach for your Jasmine sandals, of course. Neutral colors and the splash of sparkle keep it classy. And if you’re able to talk him into a turn on the dance floor, your feet will be ready.


Therafit printed mesh

Ginger Women’s Printed Mesh Athletic Shoe

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you stop working out. The Ginger allows you to keep your cool and show off your style with its sassy printed mesh. And you’ll finish your workout ready to take on the day.


Therafit Austin clog

Austin Women’s Denim Slip-On Clog

But what about those days that you’re just hanging out (we’ll say in a pretty little cabin in the mountains)? What do you keep on hand to slip into when you step out on the deck (oh, that view) or need to run out to the car? We recommend the Austin. It’s cozy and easy to slip on and off so you can get where you need to be with no fuss.

Keep Vacation Going Longer

Having a good time while your feet are suffering just doesn’t work. With the arch support and cushioning in Therafit shoes, you won’t have to think about it.

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