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Are You Suffering from Ball of Foot Pain (metatarsalgia)

Are You Suffering from Ball of Foot Pain (metatarsalgia)

Do your shoes cause the ball of your foot to hurt? Is walking barefoot painful? You may be experiencing loss of the fat pad in your foot, or have bones that are more prominent than others (metatarsals). This prominence causes your weight to overload on those bones. Another possibility is that the plantar fascia, where it inserts in the ball of the foot, may be inflamed.

The medical term most often used to describe this pain is metatarsalgia. You are especially prone to metatarsalgia if you wear your shoes too narrow or they are not the proper length. A compromise of spinal nerves from tight shoes can cause a pinched nerve, often termed a neuroma, in the foot. If the pain persists you may need to consult your healthcare provider.

My Experience with Therafit

When I began wearing the Therafit Roma, I immediately noticed a great medical feature: my toes had plenty of room to move.

And, in the goal of comfort meeting fashion, there is no orthopedic look to this shoe. The toe box of the shoe is roomy, and my toenails didn't hit the tops or the ends of the shoes. Do you want to know an added benefit? My pedicure designs remained pretty after extended wear in the shoes!

How Does Therafit Help?

Now, how does the Therafit shoes help you with pain in the ball of the foot? By having seven layers of foot protection to help with heel strike, mid-stance, propulsion, and toe-off. More importantly, the shoe has a flex system (shock absorbing, compression molding EVA midsole) that allows the foot to bend easily.

However, if you have a very flexible foot or you begin wearing some styles too fast, such as while cleaning your house or during extended movements, the flex of the shoe may be too much for you until your foot adapts to this feature.

If this is the case, you may prefer one of the Therafit athletic models. They have more of a rocker sole built into the shoe to allow the foot to roll forward that is similar to the popular "rollbar" technology [AC1] - an added benefit for the busy woman who is running, walking, and cleaning!

Building your time slowly with new shoes is always a good idea, especially when the shoe has new or improved technology or is made of a better quality than you’re used to. As a medical professional, I have found that sometimes shoes of poor quality and even good quality can go against the anatomy and function of muscles, tendons, bones, and ligaments.

The Therafit core values and designs, however, are above average for the fashion-oriented person who wants an active, rewarding woman's lifestyle. Using the picture provided, perform your own "flex test.” Hold the shoe with two hands and push the toes upward as if you are walking - feel the stability!

The Features of Therafit

The unique arch design in the sole offers a shank-type mechanism to help guide the foot forward. This design also limits shear forces (side-to-side movements), which can cause a burning sensation in the ball of the foot.

The leather around the side allows the shoe to hold its shape and prevents stretching out. Without the leather, you could have unwanted shear forces and less function while wearing the shoe. These Therafit “features” mean more comfort for YOU!

And there are still more added features. The Therafit insole has cushion in specific areas to help reduce impact and forces (called shock-absorbing EVA), a contoured arch, and heel support. In the sole there is yet another mild arch support! You can feel it inside the shoe if you run your hand over the arch along the interior.

If your foot type needs more support, Therafit is launching an upgraded insole to help meet the needs of those of you that still are hoping...for more!

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