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6 Foods That Help Prevent Breast Cancer

6 Foods That Help Prevent Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and as you may know Therafit Shoe will be donating 10% of all Pink Collection sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation! In addition to our donation, we also want to educate our customers on what they can do to detect, prevent and cope with breast cancer with our first weekly blog series: Therafit Friday Facts - Breast Cancer Awareness Edition. To kick off our new blog series, we will go over 6 foods that have been proven to help prevent breast cancer!

As more and more information becomes available to us, we are learning just how much of an effect the food we eat has on our bodies. A person's overall health is driectly related to their diet, so it is important to make sure you are eating the right foods. Some of our eating choices can have a direct impact on common diseases, including breast cancer. According to recent research, eating a well-balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruit and high-starch carbohydrates may help to prevent breast cancer and reduce the reoccurence of breast cancer. 

Below are 6 foods that have been proven to boost your immune system and promote better breast health:

Therafit Walnut

Walnuts - Walnuts are a great source of omega-3 fats and anti-oxidants that help prevent inflammation. Research shows that walnuts have actually been proven to slow the growth of breast cancer tumors, making them a good addition to your diet even after diagnosis. Try making just two handfuls of these nuts one of your daily snacks to reep the amazing benefits.

Therafit TumericTurmeric - Turmeric has been a hot health topic lately mainly because of its cancer preventing abilities. This bright yellow spice contains a cancer-fighting compound called curcumin, as does its relative spice curry. Both of these spices have proven to inhibit many types of cancer cells, including breast, lung, skin and gastrointestional. Turmeric can be easily added to your food or in your favorite smoothie. 

Therafit Brocoli

Broccoli - A compound found in broccoli, sulforaphane, is known to reduce the number of breast cancer stem cells according to a study done at Univeristy of Michigan. Eating broccoli 3-4 times a week may help to produce this same cancer-killing effect. As with all vegatables, the best way to get all the nutritional benefits is eat the broccoli raw - boiling or steaming will destroy most of the sulforaphane.

Therafit Salmon

Salmon - Salmon contains very important Omega-3 fats that reduce inflammation, one of the contributors to breast cancer. Eating about 8 ounces of oily fish a week (salmon, mackeral, sardines or tuna) can help against breast cancer. Not a fish fan? Try getting some fish-oil supplements at your local pharmacy or grocery store. Taking fish oil for at least 10 years has actually been shown to decrease the risk of ductal carcinoma - the most common type of breast cancer.

Therafit Flaxseeds

Flaxseed - Flaxseed has been gaining popularity as it has a variety of health benefits. Flaxseed produces a component called lignans, which decreases cancer growth - especially when used in a milled state. Many stores offer flaxseed oil, but your best bet to increase benefits is to eat the seed itself. You can purchase pre-milled flaxseed or simply grind them yourself in a coffee grinder. You can use it when baking muffins or waffles or simply add it to your favorite salad. 

Therafit Pomegranate

Pomegranate - The studies on the effect of pomegranate for breast cancer are still in the early stages, but it's potential to prevent estrogen-dependent cancers is definitely worth mentioning. Pomegranates are high in a compound called polyphenol, an acid that contains anti-oxidant properties that prevent this type cancer growth. In addition to warding off breast cancer, pomegranates also can prevent heart diesease and prostate cancer, making it a great addition to your whole family's diet.  

Now keep in mind that eating these foods is not a magic wand for preventing breast cancer, but it will certianly stack the odds in your favor. In addition to eating healthy, be sure to maintain a regular fitness routine, perform your monthly self breast exams, and have your breasts screened by your gynecologist at least once a year. 

Stay tuned for more of our Therafit Friday Facts Blog Series: Breast Cancer Awareness Edition! 

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