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5 Insanely Cute Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving

5 Insanely Cute Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving

Red and orange leaves, the fires have begun to burn in the living room, and the sweet (and expensive) smell of holiday season is just beginning to fill the air. This Thanksgiving, how about making some totally cute and adorable decorations instead of buying them? Major points for creativity AND on your credit ;) 


Apple candles!!!! Why have I just discovered this now? 

This should be allowed year round, for every room, at every meal. Just saying.

Therafit Apple Candle


Although gourds have a weird name, they make for awesome appetizer holders. 

Therafit Gourds

Create simple table setting your guests can personalize.

Therafit Tablesetting

You can go around the table saying what everyone is thankful for. Best ice breaker ever??


Or you can use the beautiful falling leaves as place cards

Therafit Leaf Place Card

Walnut halves as individual spice holders... need i say more. (Ok, I don't, but oh my gosh look how CUTE they are)

Therafit Walnut Spice Holder

Make Your Whole Body Happy and let us know how you'll be deocrating your tables this holiday season. 

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