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3 Tips for Healthy Feet This Fall

3 Tips for Healthy Feet This Fall

We may not want to accept it. But the seasons are changing. Fall will soon be upon us. As the air gets crisp and the days get shorter, we know boot season is coming. Keep these foot care tips in mind for fierce feet during the transition from summer sandals to fall footwear.

Tip #1 - Moisturize Daily

Do you want to avoid dry, cracked heels? For feet that stay soft and smooth through the changing seasons, it’s best to get into a habit of daily foot moisturizing. Remember: dry air equals dry feet. It is always easier to keep the feet soft when they are already healthy.  

Some of my favorite everyday-use products include CeraVe SAEarth Therapeutics, and good ol' Vaseline.  


Tip #2 - Take a Nail Polish Holiday

Daily nail polish use can do a real number on our nails. From discoloration and toenail fungus to brittle and splitting nails, I see the effects of long-term nail polish use all too often. While you show off your latest find from the new season of fashion boots, take a break from daily nail polish wear.


For healthier toenails, consider:

  • Biotin supplements
  • Cleaning the nails daily with tea tree oil
  • Consulting with your podiatrist about a NuVail prescription



Tip #3 - Free the Toes Nightly

The move from open-toed sandals to closed-toed shoes and boots will not go unnoticed by our toes! It may seem like a simple change in footwear, but it’s a big change for the front of the foot.


Most footwear doesn’t match the true shape of the foot. This means our small toes often get the brunt of the pressure from shoes. And that means foot pain.


Keep the pressure off of your little toes by stretching them nightly. This is great to do while watching your favorite fall sitcoms. I like CorrectToesYogaToes, or a Bunion Bootie.


Make Foot Health a Habit

Above are just a few of the tips I give to my patients every fall. I think the biggest thing to remember is foot health needs to be a habit. Think about simple foot care steps to take on a daily basis to help offset unnecessary foot pain and keep your feet strong as we transition through the seasons.

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